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  1. "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.  Hippocrates


Diploma Program

Upon completion the graduate will receive a diploma in traditional medicine from the

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine and a B.SC., from Academe De Saint Paul in accordance with European educational standards, and Diplomas as a  RNP (Registered Nautrotherapy Practitioner) and NMCC (Natural Medicine Certification  Council) 

Transforming the Health of Nations 


Diploma Program

in Traditional Medicine ​

with Dr. Kathy Deane


        Taking Action For Your Health - Prerequisite Program - qualifies as 1 credit

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Taking Action For YOUR Health  

A life changing Health and Wellness Program 

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The information on this website is intended for educational and research purposes only.    No information is intended to prescribe medication or practice medicine, nor is it intended to prevent, treat or cure symptoms, conditions or diseases.  Always contact a qualified practitioner before embarking on any program. 

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Dr. Kathy Deane

Doctor of Humanitarian Medicine 


Dr. Kathy Deane is dedicated to share her wealth of knowledge of over 30 years of experience, in traditional natural medicine as educator, clinician, author and lecturer. She holds many diplomas in traditional natural medicine such as, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine,   constitutional therapy, orthomolecular nutrition, iridology and more.
Her main focus as an educator at CCHM is on herbal medicine and traditional naturotherapy practice modalities.  Dr. Deane, is a Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner and a Doctor level member at the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners- North America, the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners –North America and Doctor of Humanitarian Services with the World Organization of Natural Medicine. 
Updated Dec 2016

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"Let thy food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food."  Hippocrates 

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Orthomolecular medicine, a form of alternative medicine.  Orthomolecular medicine aims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation.

The concept builds on the idea of an optimum nutritional environment in the body and suggests that diseases reflect deficiencies in this environment.

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