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Joans Husbands Alzhiemers Recovery. View the Success Stories on;  Cancer Success Stories, Alhzeimers, ADHD, Weight Loss, Parasites, Gall Stones,Autisim, HP Pressure, .


I did the Gallbladder Flush and passed 28 Gallstones.  I took the TAFYH Program and have learned so much.  My whole family is now Taking Action For Their Health and taking the TAFYH Program.  Lisa Lancaster  

Autisim and ADHD  

My 9 year old child was going to be kicked out of school for tempertanrtums and lack of concentration.  The Drs wanted him on Ritlan.  Instead we went the natural way.  Today he is much calmer and happier. JV  

Overweight - No Energy  

I was drinking to much, overweight and eating the wrong foods.  I did the TAFYH Program, lost 30 lbs, feel great and passed two bowl fulls of parasites when I did my parasite cleanse.  I encourage everyone to do this program.  Scott and Laura Poulter


Went on the Therapeutic Nutritional Program and started passing parasites.  Under a microscope they seem to have teeth, legs and a tail.  To date no more seizures and I am feeling great.  


I was on many medications and felt terrible.  I decided to try the natural way.  I went on the TAFYH Program and within a short time I started passing parasites.  No nore meds and I feel Great.  Shirley Temple 

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