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Transforming The Health of - Success Stories  The Super Foods Program.   

  • Heidi  - Cancer Gone.
  • Charlotte off all Thyroid Meds  T3 and T4 in normal range after 28 years of thyroid meds they are needed no longer!
  • Karen Stomach problems and stomach ulcers improved 80 % in just 2 months on program. 
  • Dan working on prostate cancer - feeling the best I have felt in years.
  • Norma lump in breast almost gone.
  • Shirley passed many parasites. Now feeling great and off on mission work. 
  • Scotts BSQ today is 2  !!! from 48  last Dec 22Scotts wife Laura BSQ  today is 17 from 79 last Dec 22

​•    Frank’s prostate cancer is gone. 
•    Dr J. used the TAFYH information for a serious heart attack. 
•    Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication. 
•    Susan’s eczema is gone. 
•    Daniel reduced his arthritic inflammation and lost 20 pounds. 
•    Leesy's 10 year old son with ADD achieved A's instead of C's. He no longer needs a scribe for writing. 
•    Lisa's little girl no longer had autistic symptoms and is being transferred to a public school. 
•    Mel's little boy with ADD and ADHD has had no violent outbursts for many months now. 
•    Holly passed many gallstones and gravel when doing the gall bladder flush
•    Gunnar passed 6 – 8 inch worms when doing the bowel cleanse
•    Scott -down 12 pounds from following TAFYH program.  Running 5 km a day and feeling great. Weekend run 25 km.
•    Mary feeling a lot better, zerenity working great the doctor has now taken her off of corazapan.
•    Pat – now off of HBP meds, 2 anti-depression meds and off of motrin.  
•    8 year old boy –ADHD,  Autistic.  Able to concentrate, focus, black circles under the eyes much better and sleeping 
•    Jolene feeling better and especially not dizzy and after learning about the importance of water /dehydration
•    Lydia – breast cancer, tumor size of baseball –hard as a rock, shrunk in size  ½ during TAFYH & Therapeutic  program.  
•    Shirley – vertigo almost gone in just 2 weeks on Therapeutic Nutritional Program and TAFYH learned that leaky gut can cause sticky blood, blocked arteries and lack of 02.   Thinks if  had  TAFYH before would not needed  open heart surgery.  

  • I, Scott  was quite overweight and feeling discouraged, depressed and stuck. My wife suggested we try something new and different.  I was very excited and interested. My wife has always been a great motivator in my life and a very positive person.  What did i have to loose—only some weight maybe?  So around Christmas time i met Kathy and she put us on a program and signed us up for  tafyh.  I always liked to walk so i went out in all sorts of weather conditions. While i was walking i would think about how Inactive i have been and i would push myself to walk another kilometer even in the pouring rain. I encouraged myself along the way with self talk of “come on fatty get moving...this is what you deserve”.  I enjoyed kicking my own butt on long walks regularly!!!  With that motivation i was able to cut out all of my old bad habits of poor eating, drinking and loss of enthusiasm for anything anymore.I took all the herbs and vitamins that were suggested by Kathy and did the cleanses and even passed some suspicious looking things but wasn’t able to save them.  I had a lot of positive encouragement from  my daughter Ashley, my wife Laura and our dog Max! I had walked 60 km and lost about 12 lbs in just the first 15 days! I challenged myself then to match and do better.  To date i have walked over 250km and have lost 30 lbs. I have so much more energy than i have had in a long time.  I have a happier mood and i am  more vocal and confident at work with leadership. With this new way of healthy eating, exercise and the herbs i am taking it has given me a spring in my step everyday.  Special thanks to Kathy Deane for all your guidance and knowledge and to Lisa and Dave Lancaster for suggesting   this program and introducing us to Kathy.   Thankyou so much my life has changed    Scott Poulter​
  • Lisa “My BSQ Evaluation went from 44/12 with the TAFYH Program.  I am so grateful for the wealth of information Kathy Deane and Donna Roth have given in this program. Plus now I have a binder full of information to refer to and I am sure if I slip up I will be able to recognise what my body is telling me.  I would definitely recommend the TAFYH program and look forward to working with others to get their health back on track.  I am proud to say that my husband, my sister and husband Scott were on TAFYH with me (Scott lost 28lbs and has tons of energy now), my brother and his wife have learned to eat a lot cleaner while on program and my good friend and neighbor Sharon is inspired with a change of lifestyle and spreading the health knowledge with a fair in April.  My parents are on program and are finding results just after 3 months.  I just finished my Gall Bladder flush and passed 17 Gall Stones yesterday and 7 today.  AND one was the size of a Marble.  I have done 3 BSQ's with friends and also proud to say that i have held manager position with Nature’s Sunshine for 2 months now.”  I encourage everyone to take TAFYH it is well worth it.” I am also hosting and INHOME Natural Health Care Seminar this Saturday in my home.  
  • Sharon: “Comments: “My BSQ Evaluation went from 71 /14 on the TAFYH Program.   I almost didn’t take the course and I am sooooo very glad I did. I am grateful for learning so much and look forward to continuing on with my journey in healing myself, family, old and new friends.  I used to drink coffee and Red Bull to try and have enough energy to get through the day along with sleeping in the afternoon.  Now I eat right, feel great and have lots of energy thanks to the TAFYH program.  AND no more RED Bull.  Special Thanks to Lisa for introducing me to Kathy Deane. Kathy for all your wisdom and continued support and Donna Roth for the work she pioneered into creating this program,, you are all inspirational woman   Thank you Nature’s Sunshine for the highest grade products on the face of the planet.  I am also hosting “Transforming Your Pathway to Better Health”  At Enderby BC  April 11th.                       

Grateful  TAFYH Participants! 
Deborah – God gave Deborah an insight to change her career and make it one of helping people to be healthy, and then God opened the door and put her in contact with Health Educator DNM Kathy Deane.  Deborah signed up for TAFYH  and her life along with family and friends has changed.  Deborah has changed careers and has gone full time into the TAFYH  coaching and in her Health Consulting Business.  Deborah is being personally coached by DNM Kathy Deane and is thankful for all she is learning. 

LISA – I am  grateful for “Kathy Deane  coming into my life  and all the info  we are learning in TAFYH.  MY whole family is now taking the TAFYH program and enjoying the healthy lifestyle changes taking place.” Lisa also has joined the Health Consulting Business and is busy Transforming the Health of Nations.    

Sharon  -grateful for  Lisa “hooking her up with Kathy Deane, TAFYH program.  Loving  results from the NSP products.”   Thankful to God and Kathy for the Therapeutic Nutritional Super Foods program and the TAFYH program.  Now wakes up with a purpose to improve her health.  Shirley has already passed a “large clump of worms.”  Vertigo has already mostly disappeared.  Also loving the NSP products and how her body feels on them.  

Scott – Kathy and TAFYH program.  Feeling great , wakes up positive and ready to go for the day has now lost 30 pounds. Has a lot of energy.  Wife also following program. 

Everyone is talking TAFYH! 
TAFYH   Daily Science-based action steps for your health during  a 15 minute teleconference call a day Monday to Thursday for 8 weeks, small groups of 4-6 -participants, to provide the team support.  One-on-one coaching   Investment: $377.00 plus taxes and cost of herbals. 35 sessions = only $10.77 a session.  One on one teaching of this program would normally cost $2262 however in a group session the cost is only $377 per person. (plus taxes & supplies)
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