Success Stories - Testimonies with TAFYH and Hi Value Nutritional Supplementation

program and the Super Foods Paw Paw -Therapeutic Nutritional Program . 

By DNM Health Educator Kathy Deane and  

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Dr. Elliott Dacher   "Health is something we do for ourselves, not something that is done to us; a journey rather than a destination; a dynamic, holistic, and purposeful way of living."  

Sharon Taylor  TAFYH Grad:  38 days of intense learning, committing and sticking to a strict regime.. The TAFYH course has really changed my life for the better.. Celebrate  Its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it... Congrats 

 Lisa Lancaster  TAFYH Grad I just want to give a huge shout out to Dave and my family, Laura,Scott, Rick, Che and my good friend Sharon Taylor for making it through the TAFYH (Taking Action For Your health) course. A very informal course that definitely changed our lives.

LUNG CANCER Testimony: Barry, Diagnosed with serious lung cancer in the fall of 2013  The right lung and 1/2 of the left lung were to be surgically removed.  Serious difficulty in breathing by Dec. 2013.  Started the Hi Value Nutriritional Super Foods Paw Paw program in a big way Dec. 2013 after Christmas Results were amazing.  No surgery, no chemo, no radiation.  March 2014 Barry is cancer free!  March 2015, Barry is celebrating 1 year of freedom from cancer.  
Cancer Story by Barb  In August of 2012 Barb was diagnosed with a serious cancer. The gynecologist recommended that a hysterectomy would be necessary for this type of cancer. Barb was compliant and the hysterectomy was successful removing all traces of cancer. Barb was told she would no longer need to worry about it. “ I was eating whole grains, and sweets which I loved and I thought  I was choosing good foods.”  In January of 2014 Barb experienced symptoms of a heart attack and spent all day in the hospital undergoing all kinds of testing procedures. It was determined that this was a respiratory flu.  All was fine until June 30/2014 where there was severe pain in the lung /heart area and Barb went to emergency one more time. Fluids around the heart were obstructing breathing and Barb was rushed to Kelowna for an emergency surgery to drain the fluids.  The testing of the fluids indicated cancer cells. Barb was shocked.” How could there be cancer cells when I was told in 2012 that the hysterectomy removed all cancer?”  The next step was to find the source of the cancer. For the next 2 months all kinds of tests, biopsies and ultrasounds were used. This was a trying time for Barb as she reflected on the people she knew who had gone the chemo route and the suffering and consequences of chemo.  “ I did not want chemo but I was really skeptical about the Hi Value Nutritional Super Foods Paw Paw program.” It was Denise who offered to take Barb under her wing and mentor her while doing the Paw Paw program. Denise shared the information in Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury  by Donna Roth. “This program appeared difficult.  There was nausea in taking Paw Paw and I was more skeptical than ever. Is this really going to work? But Denise was a really great mentor and educated me and supported me. I started Paw Paw 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals and increased it to 3 /three times a day. The hard part was not eating any grains, sugar and dairy.” Barb’s  program included:”  Garden Essence, CurQMin, Vit D3, Smoothie with Chi Tonic, Flax LIgnans, Green Zone, NutriBurn, Drinking Chlorophyll and water, 
LH-C, Super Omega 3, Protease Plus enzymes on an empty stomach.
“ I really worked at this. For a time I lost my appetite but I was determined to do this. I followed this program consistently for 3 months.” At this time Barb once again went to have tests done. “They could find no cancer anywhere ! Today Barb realizes that she must continue with having high dense nutritious and loves her Smoothies.  

Jolenes Testimony  My 9 year old son was having difficulties in school with concentrating and frustration.  The Doctors wanted to put him on Ritlan.  We went with the Hi Value Nutritional Program with Kathy Deane and he is now much calmer, sleeping better and not as agitated and restless.  Also his dark cirlces have gone from under his eyes.  

Flu Bug - Rachelles son 12 years old started to get the flu bug.  Took Cats Claw Combo and Garlic went to bed and felt great next day.  Yeah!  

Gall Stones Passed - Lisa -During TAFYH program Jan feb 2015 I did a colon, kidney and gallbladder cleanse. With the colon and kidney I didn't see anything unusual but on the 2nd day of the gallbladder flush I passed 25 gallstones....I was so shocked that most went down the toilet.  However I did manage to save a few. I had no idea they were growing inside me. The flush was easy. For 3 days prior I took LIVC (3 with each meal), Hydrangea- 3, four times a day. And Lecithin - 3 with each meal. On the day of flush I mixed 4 tabs drinkable Epsom salt in 3 cup of cold water & refrigerate.  At 6pm drank 3/4 c Epsom salt mixture. At 8 pm drank 3/4 c Epsom salt mixture and 9:45pm prepared 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup lemon juice and 10 drops black walnut extract. Shake hard. 10pm drank oil mixture thru straw. I lay down immediately and still for the nite to sleep. Next morning at 8 am drank Epsom salt mixture and again at 10am. By now I was in bathroom most of the day. At 10am I had my shake and ate. The picture just shows a few of what I passed.  Lisa

Tired No Energy DRANK RED  BULL -Sharons Testimony  BSQ 71 /14 Since being on the TAFYH program I have experienced more energy than I have had in years.. no need to nap no coffee no red bull...I finish all my projects that I use to put off cause I was “too tired”.  I drink more water with chlorophyll. My cycles come and go ...with less pms and lighter flow.. The biggest gratitude I have is that my neck and upper back pain is virtually gone..I had to see a chiropractor at least once a month more  if I was working extra hard or had more stress I have less to almost zero numbness in my arms and hands and my cold feet and hands are warming up...
I am so amazed all this has happened in such a short time.   Sharons Daughter MY  daughter started on a program beginning of Feb 2015 ,,, she has stomach problems.. dry lips and dry skin on her hands.  Had a baby in September 2014 and breast feeding... The little guy very fussy ..crys alot but so happy between his upset times... Since being on her program of Aloe vera,  catnp & fennel, she is feeling better and little Nolan doesn’t cry anywhere near what he was..  

Lisa Lancaster Testimony – My BSQ was 44 and now it is down to 12.  I just finished my Gall Bladder flush and passed 24 stones with one the size of a marble.  I am proud to say that my husband, my sister and husband Scott were on TAFYH with me (Scott lost 30lbs and has tons of energy now), my brother and his wife have learned to eat a lot cleaner while on the program and my good friend and neighbor Sharon is inspired with a change of life style and spreading the health knowledge with a fair in April.  My parents are on program and are finding results just after 3 months.  I have done 3 BSQ's with friends and am  also proud to say that i have held manager position with Nature’s Sunshine for 2 months now and am earning an additional income to our home. 

Hig BLood Pressure - Ellen Sword – fighting High Blood Pressure for over a year.  Went to many ND and people who put her on programs.  BP still high. Running 240/100.  Got it down to 200 over 95 but would go no lower.  Went off all products.  Studied NSP Fact Sheets and consulted with Kathy Deane.  Went on HSC 4 a day, B6 4 day, K 4 day, and Hawthorn 4 a day and in 4 days down to 149/80 and holding nicely.  

Heart Problems Long Term - Dr Bill on medication for heart.  Long term.  Did the TAFYH Program and followed the Hi Value Nutritional program and  is now down 75% of medication in just 6 weeks.  So impressed has become a TAFYH Coach and teaching it to his patients.  

Colon Cancer - Dr Oncologist with cancer of the colon is going on the Hi Value NuritionalSuper Foods Program rather than having chemotherapy.  He has had 4 root canals done recently and drinks 8 bottles of coke a day.  WHAT does that tell You.   
Feb 17 2015 Madeline G Testimonial fr Victoria Willard 
MG is an eight year old girl, diagnosed with ADHD and epilepsy.MG was having violent outbursts at school, biting, scratching, rebellious against authority. In January she was suspended for two days for inappropriate behaviour.  The mother had taken her to the Doctor and he suggested Ritalin to control her.  The father refused to agree to this method of medication, so the father’s girlfriend suggested he talk to me (Victoria Willard).  MG  Formula was recommended Attention Focus, Lobelia, B-Complex, B12, and Omega 3.  After just one day her father asked “Could it be working already, she seems so much calmer?”   He then put his older daughter on the same program as she was diagnosed with ADD and the results were the same. Mother stated “She is so co-operative and helpful”   MG & KC have now been on the program for one month and there has been no further outburst and they are both much more focused in their school work and at home.

Cancer Right Breast Feb 17 2015   D.M. 39 year old female. From Victoria Willard  In 2012 I had a lumpectomy on my Right Breast for Cancer. At that time I endured Chemotherapy and Radiation, with the many side effects that ensued over the years.  In 2014 I consulted Victoria Willard as I had a lump on my right breast again. The lump was about the size of a quarter, when I felt with my fingers. She immediately put me on a program of Cat’s Claw, Paw Paw, Protease, Mineral Chi Tonic, Stress Formula, and Flax Hull Lignums. After just two weeks the lump had shrunk to the size of a pea!! My energy increased and I felt good!  I am so grateful for Victoria’s patience and compassion through this, as I swore I would never go through the chemo again. D.M

The cancer success stories who were present at the Dr. Jay Event on Feb. 13/2015 Kelowna are: 1 to 65

1.    Juanita : uterine cancer gone since 2010.
2.    Sheena: lung cancer gone since 1998.
3.    Ellen: colon cancer gone since 2009.
4.    Barb : lung cancer gone since Nov. 2014
5.    Fran: helped her husband
overcome a serious prostate issue and avoided transurethral bypass surgery.

Thyroid TSH DOWN -  Grateful in one month on TAFYH program TSH Thyroid has gone from 8 to 3.  Amazed at how quickly this has happened on the program.  Deb 

Two Major Heartattacks - Laurence Smith - Physical Bankruptcy and Heart Attack to Full Recovery

Seizures and Parasites Testimony on Heather– Heather who had seizures and went to Drs and then sent to see three specialist in Vancouver and could get no help except for seizure medications went on the Hi Value Nutritional Super  Foods program set up by Deborah and Kathy and within 2 days started passing worms.  Heather is down 5 pounds in just a few days and the swelling in her stomach has also gone down.   

Parasites Heather Update:  Am continuing to pass parasites and under a microscope they look like they have  eye, teeth, legs .

Cogenitive Heart Failure? Shirley – concerned about cognitive heart failure and excited on how Nature’s Sunshine Co Q 10 pumps out calcium.  It is great for hypertension and provides energy to smooth muscles and is Nature’s own Calcium Channel Blocker.  

Shirley  -Feb 10th 2015 Testimony: Update.   After having  open heart surgeries in one day on May 7th 2014 I was home in recovery mode. I was on a number of forms of medication.  And two months later in July I woke up to the room spinning and unable to walk.  I also now had vertigo.  The vertigo attacked me with a vengeance.  I went to emergency two times.  All the Drs  gave me was some pill medication called ( serc) which did not touch anything or help me at all with my vertigo.  The vertigo continued on along with no energy, not sleeping properly very disturbed throughout the night, bloating and nervousness.  I then had ten physio treatments for the vertigo which seemed to help a bit but then the vertigo came back with a vengeance.   Also noticed that I was so hungry all the time and also soooo exhausted as well.  No energy, I could barely do my cardio walk and could not sleep agitated all night long.   Desperate I thought of Kathy Deane, and made an appointment in November 2014  to see her in her clinic.  After a full evaluation  she said my body indicated I had parasite s .  When she was not looking I rolled my eyes and thought “Yeah Right.”   She put me on protocol for a cleanse, and the Hi Value Nutritional foods program and encouraged me to sign up for TAFYH Taking Action For Your Health.  I was so desperate that I went on program and thought I will try anything, including the TAFYH program.     About six weeks after being on the protocol cleanse I began passing critters.  Many batches of them as you can see from the pictures.  They are now getting less and less and I am feeling stronger every day.   I have NO MORE NAUSEA which I had every day before. When I had gone to the   Drs  over my nausea they did all kind of tests and said they could find nothing that was causing my nausea.   Kathy said parasites,  candida and pylori bacteria are all part and parcel to nausea.  Let’s go on program and see what happens Kathy said.    Now it is Feb 09th 2015 and I have NO MORE NAUSEA and bloating in abdomen is also almost gone.  And Praise the Lord  Yeah Yeah the last three days no vertigo.  And I am exercising every day and have energy.  IAM I every grateful to God  and give Him the  Glory and grateful for his co labourer Kathy Deane who takes people s lives seriously and reaches out to help.  She states, “ this is my Ministry for God and my passion is in being an instrument in Transforming the Health  of Nations.”  I   Shirley state this is my story  so far and there is more to come as all my systems heal. I am sticking faithfully to my program and enjoying the Healing Journey I am on.   I encourage everyone to take the TAFYH course from DNM Kathy Deane Health Educator  and become informed about how your body operates and how to take care of it naturally.   Below is a picture of my latest little critters.  Under a microscope you can see their eye, they are pinkish and translucent in color and have a minnow like tail.  The other longer one is a new fellow.  Praise the Lord they are leaving my body. AND I am no longer on any mediations of any kind from the Doctor.  Yeah!    With love and gratitude to all who read this Shirley Temple.

Attention Deficit? 8 Year old girl with many outbursts in school to the point she was going to be asked to leave.  Went on B12 liquid, Lobelia and Focus Attention and for 3 weeks has had no outbursts and is happier.  

Clear Thinking - Testimony Phyllis – before doing the TAFYH program and Ionic breathing could not think straight and was mixing words up terribly since TAFYH and dong the IONIC breathing has clear thinking am astounded at the incredible results.  Grateful for will power and refusing wrong foods when we ate out at the wedding.    Others took them and felt sick

Parkinsons Symptoms Testimony on CO Q 10 – Marlene’s mother had a jerking to her head periodically which is indicative of one of the early symptoms of Parkinson.  Mother went on CoQ10 and has been taking CoQ10 for some time.  However what Marlene 
noticed now was that there is no shaking to the mothers head.  Thank you Co Q10.  

Prostate Cancer followed TAFYH now for 4 months and doctors could find no cancer.  His PSA was still a bit high and doctors could not figure this out.  Please note when dehydrated the PSA will go up.  So drink lots of water with chlorophyll. 

 Cancer tumor down 50% after doing TAFYH for only 6 weeks.  Doctors are amazed.  This person followed the full Hi Value Nutririoanl Super Foods Paw Paw Super Foods Program.  

Vertigo Gone - Shirley – So excited no vertigo for 3 days.  This is the first time since over a year ago.  Still passing parasites and a new type coming out 2 inches long.  Other parasites are coming out ½ the size. 

HBP DOWN - Lee had HBP and is on program for HBP and in 4 days BP down .  Deborah passed worm out of uretha and again is feeling pain in the bladder area and again passed some sort of worm.  Shall try and catch them next time for pictures.  

Grand Mall Seizures - Heather  -  Seizures since being in Mexico on honey moon.  . Went to Drs in home town and  3 specialists in Vancouver.  One specialist said he thought it might be a tape worm.   The other 2 specials said maybe scar tissue.  Doctors put her on seizure medication. Went on the NSP Products and - Hi Value Nutritional Foods program designed specifically for Heather and within two days has started passing parasites.  Liv C, Black Walnut and Protease Plus on empty stomach.  She has taken pictures and will forward them to us. She has lost 5 pounds in just a few days and the stomach swelling has gone as well.  
1.    Black Walnut-1/2 Tsp morning and night
Protease C Digestive enzyme 2 a day on an empty stomach
Live-J 3 a day a meal
MG - 1 a day
Lobelia - 1/4 tsp 3Xday and increase 
CA - 2- 3 a day on empty stomach or a bit before meals
Aloe Vera as on bottle
Chlorophyll in water every day as per bottle

Scott Loving the TAFYH Program and is now down 30 lbs.  Mainly walks as wants weight down lowers so does not injury body.  Made goal in Jan of walking 126 k Goal was for 120k.  

HIVES HIVES HIVES  - My husband made me Chi Tea that he had bought . I was allergic to something in it.  I broke out in hives within minutes and was sooooo itchy.  I took 3 NSP Histablock immediately and it stopped the itchiness within.DF 
 Bladder/Worm   Testimony:  I was on my bowel cleanse for 10 days.  Taking Artemisia Wormwood, Black Walnut, Herbal Pumpkin and LBS and on the 10th day I got severe pain in my bladder area and felt pressure.  Right on the pelvic area it was pain and like a pulling inside. I had to urinate and when I did  I passed a whitish worm about ¾ of an inch long.  I am continuing with my cleanse as if there was one there is no more.  Next time I will have the camera ready and get a picture.   DF 

Testimony Norma  Breast Mass only 10 days into the TAFYH program.   - Kathy  You are God sent and I thank Him for you.   Breast not tingling the same, one area seems to have softened already.  

Parasite/Worms - Scott did the bowel cleanse and passed 2 bowels full of long 6 – 8 inch flat rubbery worms.  Yeah Scott  for sticking to your Hi Value Foods – Nutritional Supplementation Program.  Scott says I am dedicated to the tafyh program, loving it and I ran 12.5 km on the weekend states Rick.  

Flat Worm - Shirley 1.5 weeks ago passed a long 3” rubbery flat worm.  Yesterday passed a big clump of worms about 3 – 4 inches long and some like threads.  Shirley separated them and saved in vinegar so they can be viewed by others. Shirley will continue to update us.   Shirley second passing:  Jan 19 2015: KATHY Great deposit today  like x4 filling the bowl.WORMS! WORMS! WORMS!-Lots of little protozoa like    complete with eye and a flagellum .  Collected them quite easily  --- in vinegar as  you said.   Maybe more tomorrow.  I kinda get excited to see the fruit of my effort   NEVER thought Id EVER  say that. Love Shirley TEMPLE

Laura following TAFYH program with Scott and really enjoying it.   

Thyroid Meds Gone Holly no longer on Thyroid meds.  Did the TAFYH program learned lots and followe the Hi Value Nutritional Program.  Thank you DNM Kathy Deane 

Off Antidepressant Drugs - Mary off Antidepressant Medications,  feeling a lot better, zerenity working great the doctor has now taken her off of corazapan.

HBP Down Depression and Motrin - Pat – now off of HBP meds, 2 anti-depression meds and off of motrin.  

8 year old boy with ADHD and Autistic doing a lot better.  Able to concentrate and focus, black circles under the eyes much better and sleeping better.    

Dizziness Gone - Jolene doing the TAFYH program feeling better and especially not dizzy and after learning about the importance of water thinks it was because she was dehydrated.   Feeling much better with flu now on the Therapeutic Nutritional Program and thank you  to Kathy 
Cancer bowel, liver and prostate - Roy  given 2 – 3 months to live a year ago January 2014  -now it is January 2015 and Roy is  still  doing well and still following the Super Foods Therapeutic Nutritional Program.  ES KD 

Sleep Apnea Better - PJ Sleep Apnea and getting hardly any sleep.  7 days ago started – taking 1 Zerenity and 1 Passion Flower at bedtime and sleeping like a log.  

 High Stress Gone Audra – high stress – not sleeping well – takes 1 zerenity and out like a log for 8 hours.  

Dry Vagina -  Carol – dry vagina and hurt when having intercourse.  Went on Therapeutic Nutritional Program which included HYC and now has moisture and does not hurt during intercourse.  

Cysts Gone - estimony: Victoria – my son Gordon has had health issues for years . Also has had cysts in his ears for over 35 years – 6 in one ear and 5 in the other and also had vertigo they think from cysts on the ear drum.  After Dr Jerry McLaughlins talk he went on the Paw Paw and one bottle later all cysts were gone except for one and it is only ½ left.  Also VERTIGO is gone.  Yeah Paw Paw!  

Maria tumor in brain near pituitary.  Went on a good diet which included health products and count barely went down.  Went on TAFYH Theraputic Super Foods program using Nature’s Suhsine top quality protects and in 9 days count went down 75 points.  The point is ensure you are using high quality products and Nature’s Sunshine is the highest I know  DR 

Davids wife very sick with cancer dr said she had 3 wks to live.  David took his wife out of the hospital flew her to Mexico to the mayo clinic.  Upon return went on the Super Foods Paw Paw /Therapeutic Program and she in now walking and feeling much better.  Neighbor asked Dave how much it cost to fly her to Mexico and Dave said $30,000. For plane and expenses.   Neighbor said how to you justify spending $30,000 on expenses to get her to mayo clinic (which included ambulance expenses and clinic expenses).  Dave asked the neighbor how much his fancy pickup in his yard cost.  The neighbor said, “$60,000.”  Dave asked the neighbor, “ how  do you justify spending $60,000 on that  pickup in your yard.”.  THINK ABOUT IT!

Lung Cancer - Jack had lung cancer Dr gave him chemo and still no results.  Jack Talked to Larry who had taken the Paw Paw Super Foods Program and was cancer free and encouraged Jack to go on it.  Jack who could hardly breathe or walk due to cancer in lungs  nothing medically was working so  went on Therapeutic Super Foods  Program.  Dec 2014 reported feeling good, breathing no longer difficult.  

Daniel PSA high 68 went on TAFYH and Paw Paw Super foods Therapeutic Nutritional program and 7 months later PSA down to 2.7.  Interesting note made was when Daniel was on antibiotics from Drs. For his PSA  A count went up.  When he incorporated, Cats Claw combo, silver Guard and Chinese Mineral Chi tonic along with Therapeutic/TAFYH protocol his PSA went down.  DR

Lisa knee surgery scope Dec 5th and did not heal.  Cleaned out a growth on cartilage.  He said should heal in 4 - weeks and was swollen and couldn’t move the knee and was very painful.  Applied Silver Gel and took Silver Guard orally daily in 3 weeks knee healed, moving dine and back to work.  Is a house painter and up and down ladders.  Going to Zumba tonight for exercise.  

Blair is in his early 80’s and showing sever signs of Alzheimer’s.  Joan, Blair’s wife, states, “I was looking into having Blair put into a home.”   She discovered that private care would take 80% of their pension.  Not only could she not afford to give away 80% of their pension, she was becoming very lonely as Blair was becoming more and more quiet and less and less involved with people.  Blair’s walk was slow and his conversations were limited.  He was going to bed at 5 pm . Joan says that he has a vacant stare and hardly moves.  His balance is getting pretty bad Earlier that day Joan had met with a friend to see about getting a walker for Blair.  Blair’s Alzheimer's was progressing rapidly and Joan was afraid of him falling.   Joan said she was desperate and willing to try anything.  –Joan was invited to a Natural Health Meeting by Val and after the meeting Kathy, Val and also input from Donna they set up a holistic vitamin and herb natural health program. Blair went on the program and Joan says their life has changed.   Don’t miss out on hearing Joan’s Testimony on how now they are living in their own home and Blair continues daily to improve.

Donnas Testimony on MC Chelation Program:  Client tel pain in chest area, shoulder and arm.  Appeared to be having a heart attack or stroke. Immediately took 8 MC and 3 capsules of capsicum and a glass of water along with 1 oz of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic.  Every 15 minutes took more capsicum and Chinese Mineral Chi tonic.  THE Naturopathic Doctor verified that this probably saved her life.  

Jasmohanjit on Nature’s Sunshine Enzyme Spray   I have Arthritis in my shoulder and my arm.  I was in a lot of pain.  I got the Natures Sunshine Enzyme Spray and sprayed my arm and shoulder and could not believe it!  Within just a couple of minutes 90% of the pain was gone!  WOW !  Since taking my Nature’s Sunshine Products that I have incorporated into my daily regime I note that my hair is not falling out as much,  I sleep better and deeper.  I do not even have the words to express the gratitude I have for this course and the Nature’s Sunshine Products.  

Testimony on  Shirley Temples Vision Board.  I made my vision Board and The Vision Board  INSPIRES ME.   I GLANCE AT IT SEVERAL TIMES SOME DAYS TO KEEP MY PURPOSE  CLEAR  AND I have  SET MY FACE LIKE FLINT (which is figurative of a FIXED COURSE.) from Isaiah 50 verse 7.  I show it  to everyone who comes in the ouse. I say  "I’m  at HEALTH  school" Love Shirley  
Testimonies Re Tafyh program.   Linda BSQ Feb 05 score was 31 Now March 08 BSQ down to 08 

Ray- body temp from 96.8 up to 98.3 Ray on TAFYH program. .  WOW I have  always had a low body temp  and could not breath from sinuses being plugged.  Ray  says I can now do the ionic breathing and am  breathing clearly and easily.  It has been years  with his problem and months since he could breathe easy.  Thank you NSP Products.   

 Diarrhea since 1985 - Gone - Amazing , “My Miracle -  with Vitamin D and LOGLO” - Testimony of  Angela Thompson.   I Angela Thompson had my gall bladder removed in 1985.   For the first ten years I was doing well.   However, I started to get diarrhea which they called bile acid diarrhea.     The bile acid diarrhea burned me very badly, and caused blisters and external hemorrhoids.   I was unable to make any morning appointments whatsoever due to the diarrhea I had continually. The problem was so bad I would not get twenty feet, when it wanted my bowels would evacuate.   I have been to every Doctor I could dig up and went into  every walk in clinic in hope of getting medical help to heal this condition.   Every Doctor just said, “Well take Colestyramine.”  Colestyramine is a powder that absorbs bile.  All the doctors I had seen felt that as it was a very effective medication, believed it would work and told me to stop my worrying.  As time went on I learned that Colestyramine absorbs more than just the bile.  You lose any medication you take two hours before and four hours after taking the medication.    All absorbable vitamins also are removed from it. .  And the Colestyramine expands causing large stools, bright yellow due to bile, and cramps that I thought were like having a baby every day.   I then found out the cramping was a side effect.  My Doctor admitted the Colestyramine was causing the pain all the time.  My diarrhea was so bad that one packet of Colestyramine did not stop the problem, so I sometimes took 3 to 4 packets to get the diarrhea in  control. And I would even take Imodium along with the Colestyramine to try to stop the diarrhea.   So I went from a size 20 pant to a size 12 pant and felt drawn and fatigued.    Colestyramine  even took the thyroid from my body which I desperately needed.     I personally considered this a wasting disease, which the Doctors tried to control my fears by telling me, “that 15 % of gall bladder removals get these problems so don’t worry.”  Hearing these comments from the Doctors I worried more and then I started to research.   I found out that in the normal body the bile is produced when needed after eating fatty foods.   When the gall bladder is removed it just pours in of its own.  It no longer has a regulator to regulate the amount of bile needed.   In the normal body it does its job and reuptake happens in the gut,  so people don’t have all this bile all the time.  My reuptake was obviously not working.    Ultimate Solution   Recently I was sent to an endocrinologist a specialist in all glands in the body and for me it was the thyroid gland.   My skin was dry, my hair brittle my nails soft, and I was a ruin.  I told this Doctor all my troubles, I thought he was kind to listen;  because I did not connect my problem with anything he would know about.  He took blood and I waited two months to go back and see him and find out what the results were.    Then he told me that he had hope for me.  He advised me that my vitamin D levels were almost nonexistent.   He put me on 5000 units a day and promised it would probably improve the diarrhea problem.   I thought to myself, well I will try it but I don’t think there is any validity in this whatsoever.  

I Angela, hadd been taking 5000 units for about one week when I realized life was improving and my diarrhea was getting in control.     Now I can control things without takin gColestyraine.  I am using the Vitamin D3 and a product called LOCLO and sometimes adding in one Imodium a day.  LOCLO is a product that I get from Kathy Deane.  Kathy Deane holds her Doctorate in Natural Medicine  and she recommended the LOCLO to me.  LOCLO contains pectin, among other things which I use to make jam jelly with as it is pectin that comes from apples.   It jells not only jam but jells up my bowels as well.  SMILE. With taking the Vitamin D and LOCLO I get  no cramps, no unexpected runs to the bathroom, no more diapers and no Colestyramine.   LOCLO even tastes pleasant.  But drink it quickly as it does get thicker by the second.   It also contains cinnamon in it which assists in lowering blood sugar levels.   
Powerful Vitamin D and LOCLO Fixed my Diarrhea.   So now I have gained my composure, controlled my bile problem and am on the way to more energy and in addition I do try to educate the doctors.  Praise the Lord.   I made it a point of telling the surgeon who took out my gall bladder, and every Doctor I come across what Vitamin D and LOCLO did for my diarrhea.      Most of the Doctors all look amazed that Vitamin D would help.  Even admit they knew nothing about it.  ( I then hand out the Vitamin D deficiency symptoms to  them all.)    Secrets are Out My Doctor then admitted to me the Canadian Government does not allow a Vitamin D test unless asked for by a specialist. And that he had found people with no  or real low Vitamin D who were sick.   So whenever you are sent to a specialist ask for a Vitamin D Test no matter what problem you have.    Look up Vitamin D deficiencies symptoms on the internet, there it is for all the world to see diarrhea  a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency.     It used to be that 200 units a day of Vitamin D were recommended daily by governments.   Today or in the last two years it is 2000 units a day they recommend to most folks.   The endocrinologist says 2000 units is the minimum for Canadians.  He put me on 5000 units a day.  People with cancer take huge amounts of Vitamin D3.  

Blessings with love and Gratitude Thank you to all who have sent in their testimonies since the start of January 2015.  DNM Kathy Deane Health Educator 

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