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Baljit Insulin wne down from 63 to 12 Units a day

TAFYH GRAD Name: Baljit Truck Driver Blood Type: ( B) Age (50) Health Issues: I am diabetic (Type2) take insulin, metformin, crestore. Insulin amount went down from 63 units to 12 units a day following strict TAFYH Program with Certified/Coach/Educator DNM Kathy Deane.
First of all I would like to thank God, Nature’s Sunshine, Kathy Deane and rest of the TAFYH crew I was learning with. When I started this program I was very happy to start, but the first two weeks were ugly, because the shake made me worse because I had no protein in my shake, and I was really busy as well in my personal stuff. But after that when I put the whole puzzle in place and had the right amount of protein and a lesser dose of the rest of the products, I started feeling better in one week. At the end of this course my scores were half down so I was feeling much better, had more energy. Before starting the course my 12 hr job was kind of like a14hr job because I couldn’t do it continuously. Now I can do my 12 hr job continuously, I have much more energy. I fatigue less, I feel less hungry, I am more attentive/alert, the best part is that my fast acting insulin amount went down from 63 units to 12 units a day. So I know I have a long way to go yet because it’s just a beginning and I am confident I will improve in the coming months. Thank you so much. I now drive my truck long hours and still have energy. Thank you Dr. Kathy Deane, NS and TAFYH program. Registrations are now been taken for the next TAFYH TEAM.     Tel 250 547 2281 

Debby Andrew:  December 2016 ‘Virus Attack’. 

I wanted to share my great experience with my Nature Sunshine essential oils.  I had a real sore throat like a bad cold was in my body so I put some coconut oil on my throat followed by a few drops of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil. Went to bed and when I woke up my sore throat was completely gone and no cold. Normally my throat would have got worst by morning. I am soooo please with these oils.

Nature's Sunshine maintains that the best safeguard against adulteration is to know your source. For more than four decades, Nature's Sunshine has developed trusted partnerships and proven practices that ensure quality throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our essential oils are uniquely backed by the SureSource Guarantee: a practice that absolutely verifies essential oil authenticity back to cultivation, harvest and original distillation.

Essential oils are most effective when in their authentic, natural state. When NSP began offering essential oils more than 15 years ago, they discovered many competitive oils on the market had been altered, standardized and enhanced for flavour, fragrance and economic advantage. Nature's Sunshine raised the bar. Nature’s Sunshine guaranteed that their oils are 100% authentic.

Dec 17 2016  Perfect Eyes by Connie Swart 

One year ago Connie had her eyes examined and the optometrist Dr. said, “That she was a prospect for cataracts and a prospect for glaucoma and that the pressure in her eyes was up.”  Connie headed home and started on her healing journey utilizing her loved Nature’s Sunshine products. She took Perfect Eyes, Curcumin, Berberine and Probiotics 11.  One year later she again had her eyes examined by the optometrist Doctor.  The Dr. said, “You don’t have to worry about cataracts or glaucoma for a while as your eyes have changed.  He showed Connie a picture of the optic nerve from last year to this year it all looked healthy.  Also her eye pressure was down.  Dr. said, “He really believes in what she is doing and says keep doing it.”  Connie also had dry eyes and now notices an improvement in this area. I Love my Nature’s Sunshine Herbs states Connie.



Success Story Charlotte 
Initially when I met Kathy at the Wellness Fair, I was feeling very down – abdominal pain, tired, drained. The medical system was telling me they didn’t know what to do with me.  Without saying it in so many words, I was left to figure out how to get rid of the pain without help, as it appeared they had no answers and acted like perhaps it was in my head.  When Kathy said it may be parasites and that they are worse at full moon, it made sense. Checking back in my health journal I could see that the last 3 months at full moon was when the pain was the worst. 

Report - One Month into the TAFYH Program. 
After One Month of being on the TAFYH program I didn’t have pains when the full moon came out.   The second Full Moon I am feeling pain, although not as intensely as previously.  I am continuing with my program and my Tiao He Pak Cleanse.    I am not as drained, have some pain, and feel a bit ‘dragged out’. I have been given hope that this can be conquered, and I won’t have the recurring pain and fatigue. 
Prior to starting this program, for a long time I have woken up tired, wishing for more sleep, but knowing that it wouldn’t make a lot of difference. 
•    3.5 years ago (Nov, 2011) I started exercising daily (generally more than walking – aerobic/weights/stretches). This helped some for energy and my back. 
•    4 years ago (I think) I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and have used the CPAP since. This again gave me more energy, less muscle fatigue 
•    Feb, 2012 3 years ago I began eating gluten free (minimal grains), dairy free and sugar free and did a major Candida cleanse over quite a few month. As a result my muscles and joints felt a lot better. I started sleeping around 8 – 8.5 hours nightly instead of 9.5 – 10. I no longer needed MSM-glucosamine.  But I still woke up tired! 
•    Now after one month on the TAFYH Program, in the last week I’ve started saying to my hubby that when I wake up I’m awake, and don’t feel the desire to sleep longer! Wow! Wonderful! .  
•    On Mar 25, 2015 Kathy and I started praying about my thyroid medication (I’ve been on it 28 years), and gradually the amount needed has lessened.  After 3.5 months of following the Super Foods Program that is part of TAFYH I have a Dr. Report stating my T$4 and T5 is Normal..  YEAH  

•    In TAFYH  have also done a liver/gallbladder cleanse and passed 11 white-ish stones and 15 smaller more jagged ones. 
•    Another wonderful difference is more feeling during intimacy with my hubby. Wahoo! 

I have now completed my TAFYH Program and tomorrow I am taking my training to become a TAFYH Leader and teach others about this wonderful program.  Already I have a friend who has done the BSQ – Body System Questionnaire and went on the Super Foods Program designed by DNM Kathy Deane and she has passed ‘Liver Flukes;, and a large Whip Worm.  Her family are also passing many  ‘critters’.

​​​​​​Hollys Healing Journey 
I began on a health program with DNM Kathy Deane in May 2012.  At that time I had numerous symptoms; to date I am healthy and off all thyroid meds and feel great.  My husband and I now travel without fear of being so sore or ill and stranded somewhere where I could get no help. 

My most debilitating symptoms were: 
1 - constant sinus infections with resulting sinus headaches/migraines, severe ear aches and dizziness – I usually suffered with sinus problems 2 or 3 times per month;
2 - the inability to balance my thyroid medication - I was either battling the effects of hypo or hyper thyroidism bi-weekly with all its exhaustion, muscle pain and vision disturbances;
3 – severe candida with brain fog so bad that I had not trusted myself to drive in almost three years.  I could no longer remember a time in my life when I wasn't dealing with bloating, vaginitis, and acne.  I had been on many candida diets in my past, but my weight refused to budge anymore except to climb.

Fibromyalgia, tight neck,  sensitive skin, liver ached and  eye sensitivity.
4. Other problems were very tight neck, shoulder and back muscles.  Often it felt like there were large hands on my shoulders, squeezing tighter and tighter.  My weekly chiropractor adjustments never held for more than a few days.  I had very sensitive skin that hurt when touched (fibromyalgia) and any attempts at massage would result in pain and bruising.  The area around my liver ached, my eyes were extremely sensitive to bright light, and I often had anxiety attacks. 

Sugar and Carbohydrate addict, negative and fearful.  
5. I was a sugar and carbohydrate addict who was negative and fearful.  However, I firmly believed that God would answer my fervent prayer for hope, healing and future health.  This was my “health” condition when I began working with Kathy.
Holly states, “ The Road To Healing Began.”
At the first consultation, my BSQ evaluation indicated impaired liver and kidney functions, candida, and also parasites.   I went on many herbal preparations and the road to healing began – and what a ride it has proven to be!  In the past 12 months, we have dealt with numerous allergic reactions to many beneficial herbs and foods as my immune system was so low it could not handle much.  So it has been a juggling act at times to keep providing support to my weakened body systems as they healed.  For months, my thyroid medication dose had to be tested frequently as my thyroid was very sensitive to the daily struggles and changes occurring inside my body.  

I can NOW Move my head to KISS MY Husband.  Sooo Much Fun
In August, after weeks of prodding by Kathy, I made an appointment with Claude Prica to get my atlas adjusted as I had had my neck broken in an accident 16 years prior and was having constant neck pain and very limited range of motion. One session with him resulted in my neck motion being restored – I could now move my head back far enough to actually look up at the clouds and stars, and kissing my husband was now painless and so much easier (and fun)!  A few months later, at Kathy's insistence, I tried a massage therapist and found that my skin and muscles reacted favorably to a lengthy massage with no pain and no bruising.  Hallelujah!   Prior to being on this program I could not have anyone touch me as I was in so much pain.  

In December, after weeks of dental pain, God led me to a biological dentist in the Seattle area who diagnosed the infestation of a nasty parasite as the reason behind my teeth and sinus problems (Kathy was right).  He prescribed two strong herbal remedies to kill this parasite, with Kathy closely monitoring this three month program.  The kill-off symptoms were very challenging, but Kathy was my faithful encourager through it all.  After that parasite was gone, I went back on a candida diet and started noticing a substantial improvement in my mood and anxiety levels.  

I want to thank Kathy from the bottom of my heart for her endless love, wisdom, encouragement, prayers, availability and lectures this past year.  She has fearlessly, faithfully, and sacrificially supported me through many challenging battles on my journey back to health, and has celebrated every victory with me, no matter how insignificant.  I have learned much about herbs and the human body, but also about friendship, compassion, and looking to God first as my Great Physician.  You are my Angel, Kathy, and I love you.......your friend.......Holly 


Aloe Vera Success Stories

NS Aloe Vera - Gunnar Z   I was wheel chair bound and on massive uses of medical drugs that included OxyContin, Demerol, Metformin, Lipitor and the list goes on.  I started drinking Aloe Vera juice every day in large amounts and within just 3 months I was off all medications.  I am 76 years young feel great and to date still take no meds.  I now include Aloe Vera in my shakes in the morning along with my other super food supplements.  Thank you Dr. Kathy Deane for educating me on

NS Aloe Vera -- Michelle F.  I had to lie on the floor and have my ten year old son dress me as I would be in so much pain I could not stand up.  My digestive system was so weak I could handle nothing naturally even a lot of foods were taken out of my diet.  I went on drinking nothing but Aloe vera juice and could not believe how my health improved within just a short time.4

NS Aloe Vera - S.G Quld    I had swelling on all my limbs, and rashes on all my body and the doctors said I was allergic to everything, and that I also had Osteoarthritis and a chronic disease condition.  Now, since drinking the Aloe Vera internally every day, I can proudly say that I have not had one day where I have had to lay down in bed sick for over 17 years. – Thank you Dr. Kathy Deane

NS Aloe Vera  - Donna R called and said one of her clients who went on the full Super Foods program included a lot of Aloe vera juice daily in his diet.  He is now Cancer free and believes that the Aloe vera juice helped a lot along with his Super Foods diet.