Dr. Jerry McLaughlin--Paw Paw and Cancer: From Discovery to Clinical Trials


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Dr. Jerry McLaughlin.  Myself Dr. Kathy Deane and 2 other colleques brought Dr. Jerry Mclauglin on a Western Canada tour, June 2013.  Scientist Dr. Jerry McLaughlin  shared his research  on Paw Paw.  We saw a summary of 30 years of extensive research with  Paw Paw,  including  detailed studies that showed  extract of Asimina triloba twigs were:

•    10, 000 times stronger on drug resistant breast cancer than adriamyacin
•    300 times stronger than Taxol, with less weight loss, on leukemic cells
•    same effectiveness as cisplatin on ovarian cancer, at lower dose, with less weight loss and less side effects.

Paw Paw extract was used in Dr. J. Forsythe’s clinical study with 94 people diagnosed Stage 4 terminal. A cross section of 10 of these cases are presented in the book, p. 111-119. Many of these patients were still alive after a year and a half of using Paw Paw, rather remarkable with this medical prognosis.

After 30 years of research we know that Paw Paw, used as directed and as part of a  super Foods Therapuetic Program to strengthen and balance the body, Success Stories indicate that it is very effective.