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Dr. Sheila  - “ We have done oral chelation in our clinic for over 30 years.  Now with studying the MC Chelation program we will be incorporating it into our regime, combining both.”

Nature's Way Herbal  Health Inc - Health Educator - Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT MH 

Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH
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 Over $56 Billion a year in medical costs is spent on 60 million plus Americans who suffer from some form of heart disease.  Heart attacks, alone, are responsible for over 550,000 deaths in the United States every year!  Typical Medical approaches include; Heart bypasses surgeries, angioplasties (surgical altering of blood vessels) and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

 Atherosclerosis—hardening of the arteries—is caused by the arterial walls hardening and thickening from deposits of plaque. The plaque is composed of oxidized cholesterol (cholesterol that has combined with unstable oxygen molecules) and mineral depositions. This causes a narrowing of the arteries and leads to high blood pressure and the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

 Oral Chelation is the ‘Natural Approach’.  Chelation pronounced key-LAY-shun originally comes from Greek roots. “Chele” means “to claw” or “to bind or grab.” When we talk about chelation therapy, we are talking about ”clawing,” “grabbing” or otherwise binding toxins, heavy metals, metabolic wastes and unhealthy buildup in the circulatory system. This allows these to be taken off the artery walls and out of the tissues so they can be flushed from the body.

Oral chelation using MC as it is called in Canada or Mega Chel in the states, can help to prevent heart disease and improve overall health safely, effectively, and at an incredibly reduced cost.

MC Canada – Mega Chel US Oral Chelation

Doctors who practice intravenous chelation are hard to come by, but there is an even less expensive and easy-to-obtain alternative and that is ‘Oral Chelation’. Oral chelation uses natural, nutritional products in the home without having to step into a doctor’s office. Oral chelation is gentler and slower acting than intravenous chelation, creating less dramatic results at the outset, but over the long run can be just as effective.  Properly administered, oral chelation is non-invasive, quite effective, relatively inexpensive and very safe.

How oral chelation works

Free radicals are unstable molecules that steal electrons from other molecules, causing harm to the body’s health. This means that when a free radical molecule comes in contact with a stable molecule, it pulls an electron from the stable molecule, which makes the molecule unstable and chemically reactive within the body. Formerly benign and nontoxic molecules then become toxic to the body. 

Antioxidants are nutritionally-based substances that act as free radical scavengers. High levels of these antioxidants grab and pull toxins from the bloodstream, which allows the body to slowly dissolve and dissipate arterial plaque. MC Canada and Mega-Chel US formula provides many of these nutrients. 

Oral chelation with MC Canada and Mega Chel as it is called in the US, can not only reduce arterial plaque and lessen the risk of heart attack and stroke, it can also help remove calcification from hardened tissues and rid the body of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, and other toxins. Oral chelation may be helpful in reducing blood pressure and improving impotency problems in males due to circulatory issues.

For more information on how to do the Oral Chelation Program contact: Dr. Deane dnmkathydeane@gmail.com