(CCHM) Naturotherapy Diploma Program 


Learn how to guide clients to healing with nature's medicine

Traditional Nature’s Medicine 
 Traditional Nature’s Medicine is a distinct system of non-invasive health care and health assessment in which neither surgery nor drugs are used, dependence being placed only on education, counselling, natural medicine modalities and natural substances. This includes, without limitation, the use of foods, food extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, digestive aids, botanical substances, topical natural substances, homeopathic preparations, air, water, heat, cold, sound, light, the physical modalities of natural non-manipulative bodywork and exercise to help stimulate and maintain the individual's intrinsic self-healing processes.
Pre-requisite: High school diploma including biology and English at the grade 12 level or mature student (three to five years post high school experience)

Upon Completion of this program you will receive a diploma in traditional natural medicine from the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine and a B.Sc., Academe De Saint Paul in accordance with European educational standards.

The (CCHM) Naturotherapy Diploma Program qualifies the holder to apply for the designation of RNP (Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner) from the Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners-North America (BNMDP-NA) and the Natural Medicine Certification Council (NMCC).

TAFYH Pre Requisite Program = 1 credit 

TAFYH a Result Oriented Program - Earn as YOU Learn! 
38 sessions via tele conference call 
Required course prior to taking the (CCHM) Naturotherapy Diploma Program 
​Taking Action For Your Health and Business Tools  = (1 credit)
Materials copyright of D. Roth 
​Instructor Kathy Deane DNM RHT RNT MH Cost $500 plus taxes.  Supplements extra Est $450 plus taxes s/h 

 Module 1- Part I
4 Lessons/Subjects - each subject = 1 credit 

1.  Review of Anatomy & Physiology = 1 Credit 
Pre-requisite refresher course (non-medical practitioner)
This program includes addressing the body systems with natural health remedies and includes historical natural health remedies.
Taught by Instructor Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH
​Cost $500 pus taxes Supplements extra $450 plus taxes plus s/h 
​ Program copyright Dr. Kathy Deane  ISBN# 9683575-1-2

 2.  Introduction to Herbal Medicine
The World Health Organization estimated that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbal medicines for some part of their primary health care. Herbal medicine, also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine, refers to using a plant's seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. Herbalism has a long tradition of use outside conventional medicine. It is becoming more mainstream as improvements in analysis and quality control, along with advances in clinical research, show the value of herbal medicine in treating and preventing disease.  In this program Dr. Deane will take you on a journey back in time where students will learn herbalism from the basic traditions to the present time of utilizing products with a high quality control standard.  With many historical health remedies passed down to incorporating 35 years of her own journey students will walk away with a broad  knowledge on understanding the body as a whole and how to utilize orthomolecular strategies. 

​Taught by Instructor Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH
​Cost $500 pus taxes Supplements extra $450 plus taxes plus s/h 
​ Program copyright Dr. Kathy Deane  ISBN# 9683575-1-2

3. Nutritional Biochemistry
Instructor TBA 
4. Aroma-therapeutics
Instructor TBA 

Therapeutic Nutrition - Nutritional Herbs= 1 credit per Lesson/Subject 
4 Lessons/Subjects   Costs $500 plus applicable taxes per lesson  
Supplements extra ​Est $450 plus taxes s/h  per lesson/subject 

Therapeutic nutrition is the provision of nutrients to maintain and/ or restore optimal nutrition and health. Many conditions may require nutrition therapy for improved outcomes such as coeliac disease. The use of diet, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements are taught throughout on how to help the body correct disease conditions.  Orthomolecular medicine is utilized throughout; this is a form of ‘Natural Self Health Care’ and aims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation.  The concept builds on the idea of an optimum nutritional environment in the body and suggests that diseases reflect deficiencies in this environment.
Hippocrates said, "Let thy food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food."  Linus Pauling, two time noble prize winner, stated that, “Nearly all disease can be traced to a nutritional deficiency.”   Louis Pasteur said, “The pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.”    Bechamp found that the diseased, acidic, low-oxygen cellular environment is created by a toxic/nutrient deficient diet, toxic emotions, and a toxic lifestyle. His findings demonstrate how cancer develops through the morbid changes of germs to bacteria, bacteria to viruses, viruses to fungal forms and fungal forms to cancer cells. Dr. Kathy Deane is, the instructor for this aspect of the program.  Dr. Deane has over 30 years of assisting others in their education on health utilizing orthomolecular strategies. 

Students will be introduced to  Each Lesson/Subject   Ea session  = 1 credit 
Lesson/Subject One - Materia Medica - Historical remedies utilizing therapeutic nutrition and more
Lesson/Subject Two - Chinese Constitutional Therapy - understanding how our constitution can affect ones health
Lesson/Subject Three - Health Beyond Disease - understanding inner terrain of the body and natural remedies 
Lesson/Subject Four - Herbs for health have been held as the foundation for healthy societies for thousands of years. Today more than ever we depend on them for purifying our bodies and fortifying the defence system.  In this course, we will use commonly available herbs for their healing powers, detoxification and nutritional value. Students are taught hands on.  By experiencing some of the therapies they can then relate to educating others. Physical Assessment techniques are taught throughout.  

 The estimated supplement costs for each Lesson/Subject is $450 per student.
 Other materials, Health Beyond Disease and the ABC Simplicity of Herbs Cost $35 includes s/h and taxes. 
 These programs are copyright of Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH ISBN# 9683575-1-2

 ​​​Business Management and Career Coaching Training = 1 credit 
1 Lesson/Subject  Cost:  $500 plus applicable taxes 

Are you looking to augment your current income?  Are you ready to build a business that can generate full time income plus the chance to be your own boss?   Success in any endeavor begins with motivation students will learn how to apply motivation skills.  Over the past 30 years, I've learned a lot about helping people reach their goals.  You will be provided with the training, motivation and inspiration.  Living in a fast passed world with changes happening every day makes it necessary to approach our businesses from a different aspect.   Health Education and Free monthly webinars on health and product education are part and parcel of the Business Management Training Program, plus regional meetings and annual health conferences you can attend for new product training, business guidance, support, and plain old fun.  Starting your own health business is exciting and challenging. Suggestions an techniques will be offered based on the instructor’s successful business and wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry for over thirty-five years.  If you are self-motivated individual, wanting your own business opportunity then this is the way to go. Throughout all programs taught by Instructor Dr. Kathy Deane students are trained in utilizing top quality products that meet all legal requirements and standards of Government.  Earn as YOU Learn!

Copyright Instructor: Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH 

 Module II Part I-
4 Subjects

Homeopathic mineral and tongue diagnosis
Nutritional herbs
Detoxification Techniques

Module II Part II
4 Subjects

Wellness Coaching
Hair mineral interpretation
Lab Medicine
Business management

Clinical skills 4 months- WORK DIRECTLY WITH MENTOR
Pre-requisite refresher course (non-medical practitioner)  
Quick Medical Terminology has long been relied on by students and medical professionals looking to build or update their medical vocabulary. This new fifth edition provides the tools and information needed to understand the simple logic behind hundreds of seemingly incomprehensible words, along with fresh exercises and current examples.
Features new review exercises and self-tests, more than 250 new terms, medical measurements, and up-to-date examples
Provides the tools necessary for building and sustaining a large working repertoire of medical terms
The reference of choice for health practitioners and others who need to expand, improve, or refresh their medical vocabularies
Text Quick Medical Terminology
A self-Testing Guide, 5th Edition by: Shirley Soltez Steiner, Natalie Pate Capps ISBN: 978-0-470-88619-9

 Module I
  IOMN 1-Fundamentals of Nutrition
A holistic and comprehensive overview of nutrition that combines insights of the East with the science of the West. The ecology, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of nutrition. Food and consciousness. What each vitamin and mineral is, what it does in the body and symptoms of deficiency. How internal and external factors affect the body's absorption of these nutrients. Suggestions for food sources and optimal supplementation. 

Text Reference: Diet & Nutrition, A Holistic Approach (24th edh), by Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., 2007 
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IONMP

  IOMN2-Dietary Elements
Recent studies have shown a tight linkage between living organisms and chemical elements on this planet. This led to the redefinition elements (commonly known as dietary minerals to nutritional minerals) are the chemical elements required by all living organisms, other than the four elements carbon, hydrogen nitrogen and oxygen. The substances referred to as minerals are really chemical elements.
In this course you will learn the essential role of micro-organisms play in the ecological food chain and how using element as micro dose is most effective.
Text: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IONMP
Nutritional herbs can provide safe natural remedies for numerous common ailments and well as nutritional needs. In this course you will learn 75 herbal remedies. Compounding herbal preparations in the form of tinctures and teas will be discussed.
Book: Reference: Duke’s Essential Herbs.

4 lessons
The term aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine in which oil extracted from aromatic plants are used for their medicinal properties. It is coined from two words “Aroma” meaning pleasant scent and “therapy” meaning a treatment that aim to cure a physical or mental state. Aroma therapeutic “Aroma” pleasant scents and “Therapeutics” “The application of Remedies to treat an illness” Therefore it literally means treatment and application using scents. Although some of these aroma-therapeutic substances can also be used in their pure state internally. The scents involved in aroma-therapeutic substances are not perfume but pure essential oils of plants valued for their therapeutic properties. Treatment involves applying the oils to the body to improve physical, mental and emotional health.
Some essential oils are most effective when taken internally but suggestion for internal therapy will not be discussed in this manual. After experiencing and acquiring a basic understanding of the subject you may want to explore the vast therapeutic effects of combined use of internal   and external therapies.
In this course you will learn aroma- therapeutic protocols for various conditions
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IONMP
Functional Medicine
2 lessons
Functional medicine is a field of medicine that looks towards the body's self-healing and self-adapting functions. Functional assessment and resultant therapies are to improve physiological, emotional, and adaptive functions. In this context, function is the "special action and physiological function proper to a person." Functional medicine is actually a modern version of naturopathy.
In this course you will learn the Seven important factors of functional medicine
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IONMP

10 lessons
This is a branch of Natural Medicine which makes use of the best non-patented or manufactured remedies and techniques. The term was coined by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque (1784 to 1841), a physician living among the Native Americans, and observing their use of medicinal plants and natural techniques. He coined the word "eclectic" to refer to those physicians who adopted in practice whatever was found to be beneficial to their patients. The Eclectics were doctors with a philosophy in "alignment with nature," learning from and using concepts from other schools, and opposing the practices of bleeding, purging and use of mercurial common among the "regular" doctors of that time.
With increasing high cost and control of manufactured natural remedies successful eclectic remedies techniques is most relevant for the survival of your practice.
Learn  effective none, invasive inexpensive techniques and remedies that will bring phenomenal growth to your practice and immediate  result to your patient’s wellbeing without draining their financial resources
Curriculum: 3 weekends, certificate of completion for each section and diploma in eclectic’s medicine is awarded for all 3 sections.
-  Assessment & Eclectic Diagnosis (Eclectic Modue1
- In office Lab Medicine (Eclectics Module II)
-  In office compounding &dispensary (Eclectics Module III)
Text: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IONMP

Manual therapy techniques 
6 lessons
 Intelligent and knowledgeable Observers from the Past
From the dawn of recorded history, various manual techniques have been used for the treatment of disease. The Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans all used various treatment baths. In Sparta, hydrotherapy became compulsory; a law was passed requiring every citizen to take cold baths frequently. Generally, baths used for treatments were either heating baths or cooling baths. Perhaps the Romans developed the bath as a therapeutic measure to a greater degree than any other people of antiquity. It has been stated that the practice of medicine in Rome was actually confined to the public baths for more than 500 years. In this course we will cover various hydrotherapy, massage and eclectic medicine topical applications
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IOMP

4 lessons
Learning proper client centered assessment techniques and interpretation is the foundation of the complete functional (Eclectics) medicine assessments. In this course you will learn how to complete a comprehensive clinical assessment using the four primary techniques: Client Interrogation, Inspection, Palpitation, Percussion Auscultation, documentation of clinical findings interpretation of findings and treatment plan.
This certificate course can be applied towards the Homeopathy diploma, eclectic diploma or integrative medicine diploma courses.
(Eclectics Medicine #1)
Instructor: Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, DHMS, DHS
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IOMP

6 lessons
One of the first places that information can be obtained about the general health of the body is the tongue. Signs of imbalances in other body organs or tissues for example the skin, hair nails can only be detected after weeks or even months of imbalances, but with tongue diagnosis the imbalances can be detected in as little as twenty-four hours. Tongue diagnosis is fast, accurate, safe non-invasive and easy to learn.

After detecting and interpretation tongue of mineral shifts in the cells and the tissues, homeopathic biochemical minerals are administered to re-established balance in the cells and restore health. Learn this simple yet powerful diagnostic and mineral balancing technique.

Detoxification Techniques
4 lessons
Over the last two centuries industrialization has radically altered this planet and in so doing has also reduced our body’s ability to deal with toxic exposure. Human bodies are not designed to manage the magnitude of industrial toxicity. In this course we will explore how toxicity is a contribution factor to many of our modern health challenges and how to support organs of detoxification.
Text: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IOMP
Wellness Coaching
4 lessons
Coaching bridges, the gap between your wellness specialties and operating a successful health coaching practice. This intensive 1-on-1 mentoring course will show you how to establish pricing, write programs, run corporate programs, increase client compliance and improve your bottom line! You will also learn how to write your business and marketing plan giving you a definite foundation for success.
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IOMP
Hair mineral interpretation
6 lessons
Each day many individuals worldwide take nutritional supplements, on the advice of their health care professionals without knowing their needs for nutritional supplementation or if they are working.
In this course you will:
• Gain the skills necessary to detect sub-clinical mineral imbalances
• Assessing mineral imbalance and heavy metal toxicity by interpreting THMA
• You will gain fundamental understanding of minerals as the core nutrients for optimal biochemical function.
• Indirect detection of non-invasive cholesterol levels.
• You will receive appropriate clinical protocol for prescribing mineral medicines.
Zinc Challenge Test-measure of the zinc tissue levels
Saliva Challenge Test-Measures alkaline buffer response
Required text: Manual will be suggested by instructor
Instructor: Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, DHMS, DHS
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, IOMP
In office functional lab test
4 lessons
Learn how to improve your skills in assessing functional indicators and implementing treatment plans. In this workshop you will learn how to establish and inexpensive in office laboratory and to perform and interpret the following tests.
¨ Zinc Challenge Test –measure of the zinc tissue levels
¨ Saliva mineral Challenge Test –measures alkaline buffer response
¨ Urinary Chemstrip Test;-dip and test for specific gravity, pH, leukocytes, nitrites, protein, glucose, Ketenes, urobilinogen,    bilirubin & blood in urine
¨ Sulkowitch Urinary Calcium Test – helps determine calcium levels in diet
- Brix glucose index test- determine the exact level of¨ glucose in the system and pancreatic burden
¨ Saline index test - Helps determine burden of sodium on the cardiovascular system and indirectly cholesterol Build up adrenal challenge
¨ Urea and Ammonia indices- Helps determine liver  toxic burden
¨ Indican-Malabsorption test – Detects Bowel toxicity and bowel wall permeability
¨ Medical blood test Orthomolecular nutrition interpretation
¨ Cellular debris  test-determine speed of aging and need for anti-oxidants
Instructor: Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, DHMS, DHS
Notes: Compiled manual by Dr. Sheila McKenzie, RDH, PhD, IMD, DHMS, DHS



Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH

Insturctor for CCHM Naturothearpy Program  and CEO for NWHHI Inc

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(CCHM)  Prepares students for a career in the ever growing and much in demand Natural Medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Health Career.

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