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    Herbal Consultant Diploma Program 

The Herbal Consultant Diploma Program is a series of courses relating primarily to the field of Herbology and the use of herbs in a therapeutic environment. This Diploma Program is our most comprehensive correspondence program, and is now the minimum training recognized by the Canadian Herbalist Association of BC for Herbal Practitioners. 

The Herbal Consultant Diploma Program emphasizes the holistic approach and is designed to develop an understanding of a variety of therapeutic options for the practitioner, expanding on the remedial and building effects of herbals to the preventative and rebuilding effects of a full supplementation program. 

 Students will learn that Herbology is the study of plants, weeds, barks, trees, roots, and how they have curative effects on the living body. Over 150 herbs and herbal combinations and Chinese combinations will be studied.  Students will also be taught by using herbs from a company (Nature’s Sunshine) that supplies over 200 products that are now available in Singapore. 

Herbology is stimulating, rewarding and interesting.  The plant kingdom is a rich and abundant resource for anyone interested in prevention.  The key is in understanding the role of herbal actions in maintaining health and allowing the body to work at healing itself.  Modern physiology provides insights regarding homeostasis, the body’s process of maintaining a stable environment.  It is also clear that herbs used effectively will support this natural balancing. 

A holistic approach is emphasized throughout the  Herbal Consultant Diploma Program.   It has been designed to develop an understanding of a variety of therapeutic options, expanding on the remedial and building effects of herbals. The successful student will emerge with a solid base of practical nutrition, effective supplementation and comprehensive herbal knowledge.  These coupled with the assessment tools constitutional therapy, along with anatomy, physiology and pathology, the practitioner will have the ability to assess each person’s uniqueness.  They then can incorporate a broad range of therapies.  

Graduates of the Herbal Consultant Diploma Program will attain a special competence in herbal knowledge.  Together with comprehensive understanding of the functions of the human body and the effects of single and combined herbs and their modes of action along with tips on running your own consulting business and terminology.  The primary emphasis is the use of herbs as therapeutic agents. The student will also learn methods of assessment of current health status and administering and monitoring the effectiveness of appropriate herbal remedies and learn to understand that the bodies’ health includes bringing about the harmony of body, mind and spirit. 

The program is designed for the individual with "Alternative Health Care" in mind. Graduates from this program are earning their living in their own consulting businesses, shops, offices; others work in health food stores, Chiropractor and Drs. Offices and many herbalists are retail sellers, sales representatives, growers and many take the program for personal use. 

Module One-A  TAFYH.ca Taking Action For Your Health and Business techniques.

Module One  Introduction to Herbology

Module Two Chinese Constitutional Therapy

Module Three – Materia Medica including NS Products

Module Four Anatomy and Physiology – Holistic approach. 

Each Module Cost = $500  ea plus taxes – supplies & materials extra.  

Nature's Way Herbal  Health Inc - Health Educator - Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT MH