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​Colostrum - binds toxic lectins

Protease Plus enzymes- digest undigested food particles in the blood.

Flax Hull Lignans - binds toxic xenoestrogens

Chlorophyll, Heavy Metal Detox, MC - binds heavy metals and cleans the blood

Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic - adds all the essential trace minerals to the blood

TAFYH Joan's Story: 

Joan's husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, then liver cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer.

He did all the conventional treatments and all failed. He was deteriorating to the point that he was sent to the Respite and given 3 weeks to live.

Joan took action.  Each day she gave him 2 high dense nutritious Nature's Sunshine Super Food smoothies and each day she organized herbs for the liver, prostate, kidney, and lungs along with the Paw Paw Super Foods Nutritional Program. He was taking 100 capsules a day. After 2 weeks there was a notable improvement. He was walking again and he was released from the Respite.

Within 6 weeks he was on the golf course and within 6 months all signs of cancer in the lungs, liver , kidney and prostate were gone!

When you take nutrition beyond sustenance levels it becomes therapeutic and heals your body! 

This is  often referred to as Orthomolecular medicine.  This is  a form of alternative medicine that aims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation. takes you through 38 lessons on understanding how to turn UnHealthy into Healthy.