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Nature's Way Herbal  Health Inc - Health Educator - Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT MH 

Cancer Paw Paw and a Natural Solution by:

 Dr. Kathy Deane DHS DNM RHT RNT MH 

The majority of cancer is treated by conventional methods, such as: Radiation, Chemotherapy and surgery. Unfortunately chemotherapy can be responsible for hair loss, nausea and other side effects. Radiation can do the same. Often one can get – GI bleeding; even bone marrow depression; infection, anemia and other forms of cancer.


Thanks to the life’s work of Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, Nature’s Sunshine’s Chief Science Officer, we have a remarkable, natural, beneficial solution to assist with a Natural Solution to Cancer and it is called Paw Paw.

In 1982 Dr McLaughlin observed that the North American Paw Paw tree was potently bioactive.  He and his team identified 50 acetogenins in its seeds and bark containing antitumor and pesticidal properties. His Scientific studies state that the acetogenins not only selectively inhibit cancer cells, but they also prevent multiple drug resistant tumor cells.

Dr. Jerry McLaughlin is a Professor at four Universities, has published 342 papers in scientific or medical journals, holds 9 patents, has held over 300 scientific presentations, is a major professor for 33 PH.D and M.S. students and is host of 38 post-doctoral students.  To learn more on Dr. Jerry McLaughlin recommend alternativecancer.us, pawpawresearch.com, or just look up Dr Jerry McLauglin and you will find tons of information.  


Dr Jerry McLaughlin’s studies on Paw Paw indicate it is one of the most powerful anticancer substances known, because they’ve actually tested it on mice with leukemia and lung cancer and they showed, again compared to adriamycin, that some of these acetogenins are more powerful in killing these types of cancers.  As I read the scientific finds on how powerful Paw Paw is I am still spell bound at the comments. 

Does all PAW PAW meet DR. JERRY McLaughlin’s finding?

Good Question!  No many Paw Paw products tested by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin proved to be confused with its cousin graviola.  The best graviola product that he tested was found to be only 4% as powerful as the registered brand Paw Paw Cell Reg™.   Paw Paw Cell Reg™ is covered by several US patents, and the use of Paw Paw generically for several purposes has been covered by over a dozen patents belonging to Dr. McLaughlin.

400 TUMORS ISOLATED SINCE 1982 with Paw Paw Cell Reg™

Thanks to Dr. Jerry McLaughlin’s scientific studies 400 tumors have been isolated since 1982.  Paw Paw belongs to the plants called annonaceae, and the active ingredients are called acetogenins. These are very, very, powerful anti-tumor, and interestingly enough, antipesticidal, compounds. 

Dr. Jerry McLaughlin’s research shows that the acetogenins in Paw Paw Cell Regulator ™ fights cellular abnormalities – like cancer - in 4 different ways. 

First and foremost, it stops the production of cellular energy in abnormal cells. Nothing in the body can take place without energy, especially for cancer cells.
Second assists in preventing blood vessel growth.
Third assists in the preventing of or inhibits the development of blood vessels growing to or near the tumors.  Paw Paw Cell Regulator ™ depletes RNA, DNA so the abnormal cells can’t divide.
Fourth Kills chemo-resistant cells.  At the Wayne State University study where it shows that compared to a standard chemotherapeutic agent, Adriamycin, Paw Paw is extremely powerful in knocking out cancer cells. 

"There’s a very interesting 4th method by which the Paw Paw works. Some cells have a very unique method of pumping out chemotherapeutic agents before they can enter the cell and kill the cell. These are cancer cells, and they call it a multiple drug resistant pump. It turns out that this pump is actually driven by energy – ATP molecules – and the Paw Paw inhibits the ATP from going to this pump, the pump cannot work, it cannot prevent the Paw Paw or other chemotherapeutic agents from coming into the cell, and these cells will die. And they’ve actually shown in studies – in vitro studies – that there is a tremendous tendency for these multiple drug resistant cells, cells resistant to different forms of chemotherapy, to die first because of this unique feature." 


Yes. As per the Dr. Jerry McLaughlin’s findings, Paw Paw Cell-Reg™ can be used by people with actual diagnosed cases of cancer.  As per NSP information the suggested use of Paw Paw Cell Reg ™ is 4 capsules per day until after remission. 

Contra Indications Include: Do not use this program with products that are intended to increase the production of cellular energy.  Products to avoid include Coenzyme Q 10, Super Antioxidants, Grapine, Alpha Lipic Acid, Cellular Energy, Creatine, IGF1, 7-Keto, Spirulina, Super Algae, Ts11 and Thyroid Activators. Dr. McLauglin now states that Paw Paw can be used with these products and still has potency.  The Paw Paw Cell-Reg program is not used for prevention.   It is intended to act against the special metabolism of active, cancerous cells.  That being said, if you are currently healthy; it will only make you feel fatigued when taking Paw Paw.  AND of course no one should take Paw Paw if you are or may become pregnant in the near future. 


Paw Paw has proven that by itself it has tremendous efficacy, but it works best if applied as part of a program and diet.
Suggested Diet: Eliminate sugars, grains, legumes, and dairy from your diet.  Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits. Drink Herbal Teas.


NATURE’S NONI - The xeronines in the Noni have a very potent immune modulatory effect .

CAT’S CLAW COMBINATION AND ASTRAGALUS - Include some immune-stimulating herbs in your program.  Cat’s Claw and Astragalus, both excellent choices.

COLOSTRUM  - we know that the IgG and the IgF-1 from colostrum are very potent immune modulators.

PROTEASE PLUS Enzymes  - is fantastic because there is a prevailing theory among alternative practitioners that the protease enzymes tend to digest the coating of tumors that prevent the immune system from recognizing the cancer as a tumor. So if the protease enzymes help to digest that coating, which will allow the immune system to recognize the cancer and go after it.

CHINESE MINERAL CHI TONIC - Helps build physical, mental and emotional energy to help better handle the stresses of daily life. Helps balance 12 of the Chinese acupuncture meridians and electrical energy.

Gynostemma feeds the glands, especially the adrenals.   Lycii and shizandra build physical, mental and emotional energy, including sexual energy. Siberian ginseng reduces physical and emotional stress reactions.  Astragalus reduces stress and builds immunity. Licorice tones the adrenal and pituitary glands.  Reishi mushroom calms, reduces stress reaction, builds immunity.  Ginger helps assimilate other herbs.  

BWLBLD  is designed as an intestinal cleansing and maintenance formula. BWL-BLD Formula offers a vast array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs which promote intestinal health and provide a source of dietary fibre.  

PROBIOTIC 11 is live microorganisms that once ingested; demonstrate a beneficial effect upon the body by improving the balance of the intestinal flora. Probiotics should be used daily to maintain good health by creating good bacteria to assist your body. Use higher dosages of probiotics to re-establish the good bacteria especially after using antibiotics or other periods of immune system stress.  Adults and children alike may use probiotics.  

Flax Hull Lignans You would need 100 Tbsp of flax seeds to equal the lignan content of just 1 Tbsp of NSP's Flax Hull Lignans. Research has shown that people who consume a high intake of lignans in their diet have markedly lower cancer rates 

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Article references,  Dr. Jerry McLauglins scientific findings and information rec’d from the NSP Regional Conference.  NSP Fact Sheets and NSP site. www.kathydeane.mynsp.com 

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